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Open to all employees, this module captures incidents, risky situations, accidents with the ability to control access according to sensitivity/confidentiality. In less than 3 minutes, Reporting can be done from a laptop, tablet, laptop, or desktop. PRODEOS offers the ability to add attachments and notify people in real time.

Managing Subcontractors, Suppliers and Customers

The  management of Subcontractors,Suppliers and Customers is an integral part  of the software and the flow of processing of an incident or  accident.  All this is set up thanks  to the admin panel.

PPE Management

This module manages PPE stocks, their distribution in order to empower employees and avoid stock shortages.

Alerts & Notifications

Each user can set up their own profile to receive real-time event notifications (accident, incident, at risk situation). An notification e-mail gives direct access to the event in question.

Loss Management

At each event (accident, incident, risk situation) PRODEOS associates a real or potential loss that must be validated according to the severity and type of event. A severity matrix is used to classify accidents/incidents in order to generate the risk pyramid.


PRODEOS uses the 5 WHY’s to investigate. This simple technique, which can be applied with little or no training, allows to reach the root causes of an event (accident, incident, risk situation) and therefore to put in place corrective actions and their follow-up to prevent accidents or avoid their re-occurrence.

Action Plan – Smart Manager

An effective implementation of the corrective/remedial action plan derived from investigations and their follow-up is crucial for risk prevention. PRODEOS’ Smart Manager allows anyone to assign responsible, validating parties and tracks completions with reminder emails.


This module documents audits/inspections (internal or external to the company) and their action plan with follow-up. The progress, the recommendations, the scores are recorded.

Meeting management / QHSE plan

This module documents meetings (internal or external to the company) as well as quality plans with their action plan and follow-up.

Search Engine

PRODEOS has a powerful search engine that helps searching for any event from: Name, Date, Severity, Keyword, Status, etc…

Reports and Dashboard

Synthetic and accessible in 2-click reports (exportable to Excel or pdf). PRODEOS provides access to risk mapping, loss reports per zones, employees reporting status and many more. PRODEOS Dashboard helps management meetings to be conducted in a very efficient and concise fashion.

Admin Panel

This Panel allows the Q-HSE Manager and Software Administrators set up the following:

  • Adding/disabling Employees and their profile
  • The Severity Matrix
  • Goals/Objectives per employee
  • Software parameters
  • Internal notice
Online 24/7 Support

With PRODEOS’ built-in messaging, user will stay in touch with PRODEOS and Company QHSE team for training or any other support needed.