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Reduce Losses to
Maximize Performance

For any company aiming to reach Operational Excellence, PRODEOS software is often chosen for its simplicity and efficiency in preventing QHSE related losses.
Among the PRODEOS benefits

Simplicity and Fluidity

All types of smartphones and tablets

Risk Mapping

Management of Subcontractors and Administrative Authorities

Easiness of software set-up

ISO Compliance (Traceability and Reporting)

PC – Mac – Android – IOS

Incentive Approach

Corrective Actions Investigations and Tracking

Customer management

Personalized setup


HSE risk management is fully handled by the software with a risk mapping by company area/department/product line.

Quality Management

PRODEOS is designed to address non-compliances related to Product and Service quality of any company's in order to put in place a quality plan with tangible goals and results.

Internal Procedures

The lack and/or poor adherence to internal procedure is often the cause of significant losses in the company resulting in various penalties, financial costs, internal fraud, etc. PRODEOS manages this type of incident or accident.

PRODEOS does not require any specific training to be used because it is designed for all employees of a company regardless of their level.

Connect to PRODEOS by simply logging in with your username and password. Setting up for a company of any size takes less than 4 hours.

We are making PRODEOS better, simpler and more efficient every day. These updates are transparent and free for the user. Our 24/7 support is there to help if necessary.



PRODEOS works on all types of PCs, Macs, Tablets, Smartphones and all operating systems.

Complete Loss Prevention software

PRODEOS Software is multi-sector and covers all sources of waste and losses  in business: Quality, Health-Safety-Environment – Internal Procedure.

Social Network approach

Prevention and risk reduction cannot reduce space be done without the commitment of employees and management. PRODEOS offers a platform that encourages everyone to report.

Years of Experience
Potential Users

At Risk Situation and Incident Management

In less than 3 minutes any at risk Situation and Incident can be reported in PRODEOS and relevant parties notified real-time.

Audits and Investigations

Audits/inspections (internal or external to the company) and their plan for action can easily be reported in PRODEOS. Recommendation and Corrective Actions can be added to those reports in a very intuitive way.

Managing Subcontractors, Customers, Suppliers

Subcontractors, Suppliers and Customers management of is an integral part of the software workflow. All of this can be easily set up from admin panel.

2 Clicks Reports

PRODEOS is designed to ease the decision making process through space missing quick access to key information. That’s why we designed PRODEOS so that all reports are obtained in 2 clicks.

Alerts and Notifications

Any employee can be automatically notified of any event with PRODEOS. Notifications can be set-up in each employee profile very simply.

Easy Installation

One of the great advantages of PRODEOS is its configuration and immediate set-up that allows any company to start a real Loss prevention and reduction journey right away.